Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Early

Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Early

During the 2019 tax season, nearly 34 million taxpayers waited until the week before or the week of April 15 to file their tax returns. That’s about the same number of tax returns filed in the entire month of March. No wonder we’re all stressed during tax season!  

But with over 70% of taxpayers receiving an income tax refund each year of nearly $2,800 on average, we can’t think of a good reason you’d want to delay filing your taxes.

And that’s not the only benefit of early filing! Here are a few more reasons to get your act together early this tax season.

1. Early filers eliminate tax deadline stress.

2. Early filers average larger refunds.

3. Early filers can protect their refunds from identity thieves.

4. Early filers with a tax bill have time to make a plan.

5. Early filers face less competition for access to their tax professional.